During a gastric bypass, the lower (distal) larger part of the stomach is left in place because of the stomach still produces acid and pepsin to help digestion of the food

During the 5 days prior to surgery you can include low fat or fat free milk and a protein supplement that is prepared with 4oz. of skim milk.

The idea of using a variety of spices to make food more tasty and appealing is a wonderful idea and may help to stay you on track.

You can have a sugar free candy or mint like breath savers or tic tacs prior to surgery.

If you have been scheduled for surgery then you have met with the dietitian a minimum of 2 times and the diet has been explained in detail.

One fresh squeezed orange yields approximately 3oz of juice and contains 39 calories and 9 grams of carbohydrate.

Patients who undergo weight loss surgery sometimes complain of problems with their hair and fingernails during the first year or so after the operation.

Band patients need to work with their surgeons to have their band adjusted several times during the first 12 to 18 months after surgery.

Post surgery you may find foods that are easy to prepare and easily digested. Many patients stick with the foods that personally work.

There are multiple side effects that can occur after laparoscopic gastric bypass or laparoscopic gastric sleeve.