What can I do to prepare for surgery?

Bariatric surgery is like other major abdominal surgery. You can best prepare by knowing the benefits and risks of surgery, and by closely following your doctor's instructions.

– Understand the surgical process and what to expect afterward.
– Keep in mind that you’ll never be able to eat the way you did before, and that you’ll have to watch what and how you eat for the rest of your life.
– Talk to people who have had bariatric surgery.
– Write down your reasons for having bariatric surgery and outline your plans to maintain your weight loss after surgery.
– Practice the post-op diet, including the transition from an all-liquid diet, to pureed food, to a normal diet of smaller portions with 4 ounces of protein.
– Start a journal. Record how you feel now, the challenges you face, and the things you hope to be able to do after bariatric surgery.
– Ask your family and friends for their support. Talk to them about why you want to have bariatric surgery. It helps to have people behind you, waiting to help.