I am going shopping for my pre and post op diet and wanted a shopping list. Can you tell me what I will need?

If you have been scheduled for surgery then you have met with the dietitian a minimum of 2 times and the diet has been explained in detail. It is crucial at this point that you understand the diet that follows surgery. This will help you to purchase the items you need and prepare mentally for the dietary changes that accompany bariatric procedures. In an effort to help you prepare we have some wonderful resources and urge you to visit the website. The packet provided at the initial consultation contains all the dietary guidelines that you should refer to throughout the process. You can also access this information on our website. The site provides an extensive shopping list and a detailed chart of what you can consume vs. things to be avoided.


You will be following a liquid diet for 5 days before surgery and 2 weeks post operatively. The clear liquid diet referred to as Phase I, consists only of zero calorie and sugar free beverages. In addition, things that melt at room temperature like sugar free jello and sugar free ice pops are part of the Phase I meal plan. During the 5 days before surgery there is no limit on how much liquid you can consume throughout the day. After surgery the goal is to consume 4 ounces every hour that you are awake for a minimum of 48 ounces per day. If you have any other questions please contact the office or email the dietitian.